Frugal Fashion Finds! My Whole Outfit Was $10!

Finding a good deal is what I’m all about in life. I might be about a few other things in my life but a good deal is right up there with family, food, and shelter so you know I’m serious! Not everyone is all about scouring through thrift stores for hours on end ( it always takes me 2 hours, never fails) but if you do, you can find some great items for the low…low. My local thrift store has special days where all items in the store are half off…so yeah, that means that is also known as the only days that I shop there. I mean, why pay 4 whole dollars when you can pay $2? Ok, my secret’s out, I’m cheap but I warned you in the intro right?

So, on to this look. I bought this cute and stylish like new trench (half off, of course) for a whopping $3! And this blouse? It was only $4! I tell you, thrift stores have ruined me for regular retail outlets. Now I look at a $19.99 price tag and will speak out loud to it questioning why this blouse thinks it’s worth 20 whole dollars when I can buy 4 outfits for as much from the thrift. So yeah, I’m fun on shopping trips now, lol. Oh and these jeans, they are from Justfab. I just became a VIP member at Justfab after subscribing to Shoedazzle for years. Most of my shoe wardrobe comes from Shoedazzle. Shoes are the one item that I don’t usually thrift simply because I can get them for $5-$10 when they’re on sale! So now, they’re selling clothes including plus sizes. I was skeptical at first but when I saw that they were having a sale on jeans for $5, I was willing to take the risk. I found 3 similar looking jeans that were all in my size and added them to my cart. I had forgotten that I was given a $10 just because credit making my whole order 9.95 including the 4.95 that I was charged for shipping! That’s right, 3 brand new pairs of jeans for less than $10. I’d say that’s as good as a half off thrift day adding further to my ruinization (yeah, that’s a word) against retail prices.

So yeah, that’s my frugal find ootd. Where do you all find the best prices for clothing? What are some of your recent scores? Please share as sharing is caring 🙂

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