What’s Old is New Again! Mixing Vintage Pieces with Your Current Wardrobe.

While on my mission to look fab while spending very little money (or none at all), I’ve become very creative with my wardrobe pairings. As you may have read before, I’ve become a big fan of thrift stores. There, you can find new and gently used pieces to take your look from just like everyone else to uniquely you! You can even find some new vintage pieces! Like vintage pieces that still have the original tags on them like this red beauty. I simply paired it with a black cami and leopard print belt to add a modern look and voila!

Red Dress new edit2

Another thing I love about vintage pieces is the quality that is difficult to find in modern fashions. In this age of mass production and bottom line, quality has taken a backseat to quantity. So when you come across a vintage piece that is still in good condition, covet it like the last chicken wing at a superbowl party! Ok, maybe I got carried away with that analogy but you get the point, it’s gold! So here, I paired this lovely vintage knit skirt with a blingy gold sweater and blue blazer and accented it with a gold belt. And here you have vintage professional modern unique thrift goddess of the universe! Ok, a cute outfit 🙂

Blue Blazer Gold Sweater Cream Skirt edit

Here’s another reason I like vintage: how it was intended to fit versus how it fits on you could be two different things. Let me explain. This trendy midi length pencil skirt was probably meant to be a loose fitting ankle length skirt. How do I know that? Well, it’s a size Medium. Look at that again, do I look like a size MEDIUM? However-comma- when I put this on my body, it stretches and conforms to the very generous hips that my slow metabolism has blessed (or cursed) me to have. Pairing it with a matching print blouse and denim jacket gives this a new and unique look.

denim jacket pink skirt second edit pose 2

Needless to say, all of these pieces were purchased for $5 or less. So, yeah, this might be the style for me. I can add a little pizzazz to my look without adding tears to my checkbook so that’s a win! Till next time…


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