Summer to Fall Fashion Transition!

The end of summer leading to the beginning of fall has to be my favorite time period. It usually has a good balance of nice warm days and cool  breezy days so there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy! That also gives you the opportunity to play around in your wardrobe by combining some traditionally summer pieces with some of your fall wardrobe pieces. So this week, I’ll be featuring looks with this particular combination.

White Jacket Blue Floral Skirt2

Jackets and pencil skirts are a favorite combination of mine. I love form fitting, figure hugging pieces coupled with the structured sophistication that a jacket provides. It’s like saying, “Hey, I have a little something going on under here but you’re not gonna see it!” lol. This jacket and its fancy zipper design has the right balance of structure and stretch to fit comfortably on days that are cool enough for a light jacket. And because it’s white, it combines nicely with lighter colored summer pieces.


This pencil skirt is lightweight and stretchy so it can be worn on warmer days and can transition into cooler months by simply pairing with tights.

Stay tuned for more looks that I put together combining the best of both weather worlds!


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