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Professional Nails for Pennies!

If you have read even a couple of my blog posts, you may have noticed that I’m always looking for ways to save a few coins. Sometimes, however, I like to get dressed or even change my look up a little bit every now and then. So what is a cheap girl to do? She can gather her Sally’s Beauty coupons for a set of acrylic nails then go on a shopping spree at Dollar Tree!!

Ordinarily, I don’t bother doing my nails too often. Nail polish tends to chip in a day or two so it seems like a waste of time and money. So this is how my nails look every day:

Real Nails

Armed with a $5 Sally Beauty coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket, I had the bright idea to give myself an extra fancy manicure. Combining my $5 coupon with a 20% off coupon, I scored this package of 120 whole nails for a little over $2!

Fake Nails

Then I mosy-ed on over to Dollar Tree to pick up a few nail colors and accessories.

Dollar Tree Haul

I sized up each nail to match my nail and this is the result after gluing them on.

Plain Fake Nails

Looking kind of realistic, right? So, I tried to get a little fancy with my Dollar Tree wares and added some bedazzle and sparkle!

Bronze Nails Out

Then I checked out Pinterest for some additional inspiration and came up with this amateur interpretation, lol:

Coral Nails Out

Hey, practice will eventually make perfect, right?

Coral Nails In edit


All in all, I think these products cost me a grand total of about $7 but when you break it down to how many uses I will get out of all of the products, each manicure costs mere pennies! Penny-Pincher Fancy Ladies rejoice!!

I have a few more articles in my Penny-Pincher Chronicles series that I will be posting so stay tuned!!


Fall Fashion (Affordable) Favorites

Apparently, the Fall season is the pinnacle of all fashion seasons. If you subscribe to any fashion magazines, the fall issues are the some of the largest and most extensive. And Let us not forget New York Fashion Week which is one of the highlights of the year!

I love a lot of the pieces that come with fall fashion. I love layering chic blazers and moto jackets. I love rocking booties, shooties, and thigh high boots. The crisp cool air allows me to embellish with more accessories. Being that I’m allergic to most jewelry (long story), I love being able to add a scarf to accent my looks.

With all that being said, you gotta have some (not so basic) basic pieces to add each year to your fall wardrobe to keep it exciting because that’s a rule, right? I want to share a few pieces that caught my eye for the upcoming season. I’m a bargain shopper so these pieces are mostly below $50 (when on sale) because if you don’t know by now, I like to “dazzle on a dime” :). Now let’s just dive right into it:

Off the shoulder looks are carrying on from the summer and this blouse right here is perfect for a touch of casual glam.

Charlotte Russe Off Shoulder Blouse2

Charlotte Russe Plus Size Striped Off-The-Shoulder Cascading Top, On Sale for $18.89

At first glance, this is a simple sweater dress but that extra lace at the bottom sets it apart. With the wide belt below, this will be a look!

ASOS Tan Sweater Dress

ASOS Sweater Dress with Lace Hem, On sale for $36.00

This belt could be the jewelry that I can wear. Being able to wear gold chains outside my clothes, everything!

Asos Black Wide Waist Belt

ASOS Chain Clasp Elastic Wide Waist Belt, $23.00

I’ve been seeing distressed denim jackets everywhere and Rainbow makes them very affordable. Throw it on top of a plain tee and leggings and you are ready.

Rainbow Distressed Denim Jacket2

Rainbow Plus Size Oversized Destroyed Denim Jacket, $29.99

You should know by now that I love a casual dress. This one would look great with booties to dress it up or with cute sneaks for a casual look.

Ashley Stewart Olive Drawstring Waist Dress

Ashley Stewart Drawstring Waist Terry Cloth Dress, $54.50 (wait for a sale since they have them often)

I have a few moto jackets already but what I don’t have is a pink moto jacket! What a way to add a pop of color to regular jeans and tee.

Ashley Stewart Pink Moto Jacket

Ashley Stewart Front Zip Faux Leather Jacket, $54.50 (again, sales, often)

Got a sexy date night planned? I don’t, but I will plan one when I get this dress!

ASOS Black Bodycon Dress

ASOS Crepe Midi Pencil Dress with Cold Shoulder and Lace Trim, $45.00

I just can’t do a basic tee. Why would I have to when I could do this?!

Ashley Stewart Olive Black VNeck Top

Ashley Stewart Short Sleeve Strappy Cut Out V Neck Top, $39.50 (probably on sale by now)

This is just a sampling of what I’ve been seeing. I’m sure I’ll find more that I want to share.

Stay tuned…..


Summer to Fall Fashion Transition…The Finale

So, there were quite a few looks in this series but one thing you may note is that they were all dresses and skirts. If you read my previous blog posts, you may already be aware of the fact that I tend to avoid pants when it’s warm. Who am I kidding….I’m an unapologetic girly-girl-woman. I’m often a little too glam for the occasion and am often met with the question, “where are you going?” You know, that’s what you’re asked when you just so happen to be a little more dressed up than everyone else…like high heels to a picnic….don’t judge. So back to today’s look, which based on the previous statement, is my going to the grocery store look (lol):


Aside from the heels, this is an extremely comfortable ensemble. The dress is nice and stretchy. It has a loose batwing style sleeve that is about 3/4 length. It has a drapey, fall off the shoulder neckline which to some may be annoying if you’re going for a look. Sometimes it covers both shoulders and sometimes if falls off one shoulder. The elastic waistband gives it some shape and you can change the belt to create a new look every time you wear the dress. I paired it with these metallic peep toe pumps because you know, peep toe for transition season (see my previous post on that).


Did I mention the pockets? Oh, it has pockets because we just love dresses with pockets. I feel like red is the perfect season transition color because it’s still a bright vibrant color indicative of summer but essentally is more a fall/valentine-sy day color.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. I have lots more nuggets on other areas of my interests to share so I hope you come back for more.

Red dress (old) similar here and here and here

Metallic pumps (old) similar here and here


Summer to Fall Fashion Transition…Continues

Welcome back or for the first time to the continuing series of transitioning summer wardrobe in the season leading up to fall. Today’s look has a full fall color palette but with lightweight fabrics. This black off the shoulder blouse is so lightweight and cool that even though it’s black, it still can be worn comfortably in warmer temperatures. The fabric of the skirt is as thin as can be without being sheer. It has a gorgeous geometric print and just enough spandex to give you a little hug in the right places.


How much do you love a lace up shoe? This shoe/sandal…(shandal??) is made of faux suede and is an almost perfect nude color for me. Don’t you just love it when you find your perfect shade of nude shoe???

Get the look: Blouse (similar) here, Skirt (similar) here, Shoes (similar) here



Summer to Fall Fashion Transition Part….Let’s Just Say Continued…

Ok, so you may have figured it out by now that I just can’t get enough of this summer to fall fashion transition series! The look that I have today is a bit more professional. For those professionals who like to keep it a little funky, that is.


Now this is my idea of a 3-piece suit. A well fitting skirt that hits just at the knee, a top or blouse, and a cute blazer or jacket. I’m starting to think that tan and black are my signature colors since so many of the favorite looks include these colors. So here I am head to toe, clad in tan and black accented with the gold piping in the skirt.


This lightweight 3/4 sleeve cottton/spandex jacket is cool and comfortable enough to wear on warmer days. The skirt is made of a heavier material that can be paired with tights in cooler weather. These shoes have closed toes and look cute with or without tights.

You all know I have more looks, right? Stay tuned and come on back for more in this series!

Jacket (old) similar found here

Skirt (also old) similar found here

Shoes (yep, old) similar here

Summer to Fall Fashion Transition Part 4….

Ok, so we’ve been doing this for a few days now so you know what it is. It’s me, mixing- matching and making summer-fall happen! Transition season is here and we’re adding in some fall-like pieces with some summer-like pieces and creating a look.


So today’s ensemble combines the quintessential fall color of orange with the vibrant jewel tones in a colorful skirt. The orange top is all cotton and lightweight enough to keep you comfortable on warmer days. This colorful peplum hem pencil skirt has enough color to match almost any colorful top but can also be an accent piece if you combined it with black wardrobe pieces. Admittedly, I intentionally bought this skirt (at least) one size smaller than I usually wear because I knew it had stretch and I wanted it to hug and squeeze where I wanted it to hug and squeeze ;).


The jewels in the shoes match with the jewel tones in the skirt. Its still nice outside so you can get away being as boisterous and colorful as you want to be. Even when it’s not nice outside, you should still be as boisterous and colorful as you want to be!! Why not? It’s your life, live it honey!

I hope you all have been enjoying this series as I have a few more tricks and tips to show you :). See you tomorrow!

Summer to Fall Fashion Transition Part 3!

Hello there again, friends. Thank you for joining me today for my third installment of what I’m wearing in transition season. So, not every look is going to be heavy and dark as there will be some warmer days during this time period. That is when I go back to my old faithful method of effortless and cool. Throw on a cute dress with some open toed sandal/heel/shoe situation and voila!


This pinky-mauvy number must have been the color of the seasons for spring and summer because almost every clothing item came in this color! I consider this appropriate for transition because of its half sleeve (as opposed to typical sleeveless summer dresses) and its heavier material. I love the empire waistline on this piece which gives us with less of defined waist more of a curvy silhouette. These metallic peep toe sandal pumps work because you go from summer (all toes out) to transition (peep toe) to fall/winter (closed toes/boots). I just made up this shoe progression by the way but it kind of makes sense in my head so, why not?


So there you have it! My 3rd look for the season! I hope you stay tuned for a few more looks and if you haven’t already, go ahead and check out the other 2!

See you soon!